Google+ is the new Google – which is the Internet!

Google+ is your number one marketing tool across the Internet, that is my opinion. This week on Wednesday May 7th at 12 noon I will be speaking to the BCX Downtown Toronto networking group about how Google+ can be your greatest promotion, publishing, productivity and social engagement tool through powerful communities. Google+ is the new GOOGLE. It is not just a substitute for Facebook, it is more robust and the key attribute is the integration of the products that increases your overall productivity, improves your access to your customers/suppliers and opens doors to building lasting and resourcesful relationships with those whom you choose to do business or socialize with.

Everything Google+


Over the years as a web developer and online marketer I have dabbled with the various products as individual entities, but with the onset of Google+ and experimenting more I really see the benefits of this amazing suite of tools. Some of the key attributes I thoroughly enjoy include:

  • Anywhere, anytime syncing on any device or platform
  • Integration of tool data from my docs or videos on my YouTube channel for easy sharing through my gmail
  • I’m accessible to my clients with a quick video chat or hangout, and for those who want a quick lesson to see something in action, I can easily set up a hangout and share my screen.
  • When I am launching a new offering or promoting a new product, I can easily search Google Key Adwords, to ensure that I am using the most profitable keywords choices to gain targeted traffic, and if that isn’t enough, I could always participate in Google Adword Campaign to give a boost to my post.
  • As I am constantly out networking or meeting with clients I rely on the Google Maps to get me to where I need to be, the best part is launching it on my mobile to get the GPS instructions as well
  • Another feature I use more for my personal needs and that is Google Translate, though I must say Chinese translation isn’t always that accurate as it takes words very literal.
  • And of course I start off my day with the Google News to see what’s happening in the world.

So I hope you will consider following me as I continue to provide information which I hope will be helpful for you with respect to managing your website, or promoting your website. I hope to continue to share tools, tips and best practices that I have learned from my clients as well what I have learned from the Internet community. You can find me at either Google+ insitecreations or Google+ Jemma Fong. As well if you can, come out and join us at Toronto Downtown BCX Meeting, @ The Hot House Cafe Front St./Church St.

I will be touching on the following topics:

Promotion – Google Search, Google Local, Google Maps, Google Offers, Google Communities

Publishing – Google Blogger, Google Books, Finance, Translate, News You Tube, Picasa

Productivity – Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Calendar, Google Cloud Print, Google Analytics, Google Ripples

Social Engagement Through Power Communities – Hangouts, Groups, Communities & Circles, Helpouts

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