Antispam Bee Plugin for WP

One of my most favourite FREE anti-spam plugins is Antispam Bee, found in the WordPress plugin repository. It has a number of settings that help keep the spammers away, along with notification when spam is being caught, either as a dashboard graphic or an email notification. The plugin has a 4.7 star rating and has been downloaded and installed as of this moment, more than 200,000 times. Unfortunately it is incompatible with Disqus, Jetpack comments and Ajax comment sytems, but all else does well. For complete details, (you may need to use your Google translate function).

This video below will give you an overview of the installation of Antispam Bee Plugin and its’ settings.


  1. Find the plugin by going to ADD NEW plugin, search for Antispam Bee
  2. It is the one with the graphic of the bee. Just install and activate
  3. Click settings and first go into antispam filter and use public antispam database, block comments from specific countries
  4. You may choose to check off the notification if you don’t want too many notifications
  5. Reduce you database by clicking on cleaning up the notifications
  6. Remember to save your settings.

Thank you pluginkollektiv the author of this antispam plugin.


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