Wireframes, Information Architecture and Site Mapping

The Blueprint of your Website

Have you heard of the words “Information Architecture”, “Wireframes”, and “Site Mapping” ? – well these are all terms that we web designers use when creating a blueprint structure for your website.

After performing a needs analysis with you and taking a look at either your existing site, or sites that you like/dislike, we formulate a graphical layout of your website skeleton showcasing functions and features of the proposed site. This is known as a wireframe, the blueprint of your website. After performing a keyword research and brainstorming session, we will help you to map your keywords with your content, this is known as site mapping. The site mapping helps work out your site navigation. This whole process all falls under the term information architecture.

The approach to redesigning a website falls under the same process. Just like a house, some re-engineering should be considered. Don’t just slap on another section without thought to its navigation flow. Performing these steps helps the visitor to your site navigate and be able to get to the information that is important to them. Help them to gain more information about you, engage with you through campaign participation or simply reach you through seeing your phone number on your site. Mapping out your content is a critical process and lends to the overall professionalism of your site.

Speak to a professional such as InSite Creations, to get a feel for the impact the changes may make.

Redesign Case Study

SOS First Aid situated in Oakville and Mississauga hold regular first aid and cpr classes throughout Halton and Peel. As their business grew and more participants learned about their great Red Cross certified First Aid and CPR Courses, their request for newer locations grew. SOS started to expand into more areas within their initial coverage area and also found themselves expanding into the Hamilton region. With the number of classes being offered in the various locations, the event management system that was currently on the site was becoming onerous. It wasn’t easy for participants to find a local class in their specific area. The client came to us for a redesign and a way to make it easier for her potential participants to find a class in their area with ease.

After performing a needs analysis, the developer/designer (CSP Solutions), the content writer (Editor’s Desk) and SEO specialist – myself – InSite Creations worked together with the client to structure her new site design.

The investigation covered:

  • How people searched
  • What keywords they used
  • The quickest route to registering
  • Managing site visitor expectations
  • Reviewing call to action opportunities
  • Establishing visual hierarchy elements

to name a few …

Furthermore, with this information in hand, it gave us the outline to establish the new site map navigation and its’ corresponding content sections of the site. The results offered:

  • A much easier navigation flow
  • Quick registration access
  • More detailed explanations of each event type
  • An easier framework for which Google can easily index keyword phrases of the different web pages

As a result, the new optimized content material answers the most frequently asked questions for

  • potential registrants;
  • renewing registrants;
  • and those interested in learning more about First Aid and CPR safety for the individual and at the workplace.

Last Updated: June 2016


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