Online Marketing

checkmark 1Define unique selling proposition and stand above the crowd
checkmark 2 Provide a consistent message in your branding
checkmark 3Identify best strategy to reach, engage and convert target audience
checkmark 4Consistent , persistent presence for effective relationship building

Advantages of Online Marketing

Businesses have blogs, newsletters, social media accounts, Kijiji listings and a website but the majority of the time they are not connected by links or themes.

InSite Creations integrated marketing services pull together all of your online marketing efforts to ensure that they have a consistent theme / brand and exposure.  Marketing textbooks have always referred to the fact that people need to see your advertisement or information at least seven times before they will buy from you.  If the message is different every time, then it will take even longer.  Having a consistent colour, image, logo, message and theme will strengthen your efforts and speed up the reaction time of your target market.

Our services:

  • connect all online marketing efforts with metrics for measurement
  • confirm that all colours, logo and visual images match
  • give you guidelines for posts that keep the message consistent
  • teach you how to use a newsletter to connect people to the complete article in your blog and then connect them back to your website
  • teach you how to guide someone from your linked in or twitter post to your website and then have them sign up for your newsletter

To strengthen and co-ordinate your online marketing efforts in one direction to meet your business and marketing goals, then call Jemma at 416-451-2063.