Web Evaluation

Are you on track?

The website evaluation that the InSite Creations team does helps you to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your current website within your industry and compares it with your competition.

Before improving your current website, the report from this evaluation will give us critical details to help develop a new and improved website that meets your business and marketing goals.

Our report includes

  • a review of your existing site design, structure and set up
  • a review of you analytical results
    • what keywords were used to find your site   
    • the most frequented pages   
    • how did your audience find you   
    • how many visitors left your site quickly   
    • what goals were accomplished
  • how well your website comes up in the searches by your target market / prospects
  • how many unique visitors
  • how long people visit your website
  • which pages are they visiting
  • whether your website is walking them through the sales process

Even though you can get a complimentary review by Google Analytics, it is hard to filter through the information to determine how to adjust your website.

How do you know whether your website is working for you? Get a website evaluation and see whether you are driving the right target traffic to your site, engaging your audience and turning visitors into customers!

Our Website Health Checkup package by InSite Creations can be done as an exclusive purchase.  You do not need to have purchased a website from InSite Creations before getting this valuable information about your current website.
To book a website evaluation, call Jemma at 416-451-2063 and get this great information now.