Website Health Check Up

Our process:

Do you wonder whether your web site is performing the way you had hoped it to be?  Or are you asking yourself the following questions?

  • Why aren't more people visiting our website?
  • What causes them to leave and not fulfill a transaction?
  • How can we enhance customer relationships?
  • How can I streamline my leads?
  • Why are the competitors being found in search results and we aren’t?
  • Who can we turn to for unbiased answers?

InSite Creations offers this web site health check-up consisting of a 4-stage process that will tell you how well your site performs, how easy it is to find on the Internet, and whether or not the technology 'behind' the site is being used to it's fullest potential. This process includes:

  1. Diagnostics and Discovery Stage – personalized questionnaire & phone or skype meeting
  2. Review – usability testing, code control, accessibility, search engine optimization, competitive review, design
  3. Interpretation of findings
  4. Recommendations


You will receive a two-hour phone or online meeting consultation to review the questionnaire, six hours spent on the site review and assessment, and then another two hours to review and interpret the findings and recommendations.

You will have a clear direction and options for possible solutions.  You will gain clarity and deeper understanding and control over what you can do to improve your site returns. A customized reference binder will be issued with all the findings and recommendations and guidelines.

Total value: $950.00 + GST for 10 hours of our analysis, report writing and review with client. Book your assessment now!