GDPR in Canada – What is it and Why Should You Care?

GDPR in Canada, What you need to know

Out of the sea of acronyms comes yet another, GDPR, which stands for “General Data Protection Regulation.” It comes into effect May 25, 2018 and you’ll want to know more if your business or website touches the European Union (EU).

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Wireframes, Information Architecture and Site Mapping

The Blueprint of your Website

Have you heard of the words “Information Architecture”, “Wireframes”, and “Site Mapping” ? – well these are all terms that we web designers use when creating a blueprint structure for your website.

After performing a needs analysis with you and taking a look at either your existing site, or sites that you like/dislike, we formulate a graphical layout of your website skeleton showcasing functions and features of the proposed site. This is known as a wireframe, the blueprint of your website. After performing a keyword research and brainstorming session, we will help you to map your keywords with your content, this is known as site mapping. The site mapping helps work out your site navigation. This whole process all falls under the term information architecture.

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Getting more clients with better SEO


We all want more clients (of the “right” kind for us). We do the usual kinds of off-line marketing – networking, giving workshops, getting invited to give talks, using word-of-mouth and asking for referrals from existing clients to name a few. But we know that we should improve our SEO in our website and in all of our social media including our blog posts.

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Email Marketing Guides – Updated 2015!

The Constant Contact email marketing product has only been getting better and stronger over the years with their offerings and support. Here are three great new guides that will bring you up to speed with your email marketing campaigns.


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Antispam Bee Plugin for WP

One of my most favourite FREE anti-spam plugins is Antispam Bee, found in the WordPress plugin repository. It has a number of settings that help keep the spammers away, along with notification when spam is being caught, either as a dashboard graphic or an email notification. The plugin has a 4.7 star rating and has been downloaded and installed as of this moment, more than 200,000 times. Unfortunately it is incompatible with Disqus, Jetpack comments and Ajax comment sytems, but all else does well. For complete details, (you may need to use your Google translate function).

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Why you should do mobile marketing …. even if you’re a service business

You think that your clients don’t use their mobile phones to find you but they do. Have you ever looked at your website analytics to see what device your potential clients are using? Go ahead and do it – you may be surprised.

Mobile Analytics

Recently ComScore did a study on the percentage of mobile phone users who have smartphones and how they use them. Their findings are interesting.

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