Budgeting for a Website

This is one of the most common questions I am asked on a day to day basis.

Most times I can only answer – that it depends on the details, complexity and timing. However, I have come up with a breakdown of the areas to which all site owners should consider when putting their website budget together. Also depending on whether the website is your main business, budget allocation can come from a number of areas, such as, R&D, Technology Budget, Marketing Budget. Most small businesses though tend to take it as part of their overall marketing budget.

10 budget areas to consider:

1. Market Research ______________________________________________________
2. Domain purchase ______________________________________________________
3. Hosting Service ________________________________________________________
4. Logo & Interface Template Design _________________________________________
5. Web Development (HTML, CSS Style Sheets, JavaScripting) _____________________
6. Additional Programming Functionality ________________________________________
7. E-Marketing & Offline Marketing ____________________________________________
8. Press Release __________________________________________________________
9. Maintenance & Updates ___________________________________________________
10. Future Development ______________________________________________________


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