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By Jemma Fong

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A year ago, after 4-months of extensive research, planning, writing, editing, and rewriting, my colleagues, Susan Baka & Allyson Ward of Bay Communications, Liz Valentine of Valentine Dimensions and myself worked collectively to produce 8 publications and PowerPoint presentations for the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development & Trade eBiz section of their website. This week these publications have now been made available online. It is good to see them in their final format. This project was a good experience but deadlines were tight. It was my first time writing and as the technical consultant for this project, it was an opporunity for me to bring my expertise of the web to the table. Click http://bit.ly/146t9dJ to view the publications.

  • Creating a Dynamic Web Presence

Small businesses can easily create more interactive sites to engage their target audiences.

  • E-Commerce: Purchasing and Selling Online

Includes tips and strategies for attracting, serving and keeping your online customers.

  • Social Media Marketing

Focuses on using social media (Web 2.0) techniques to promote your business online.

  • Cloud Computing

Describes cloud computing and explains the benefits, concerns, types of cloud computing and what to consider when moving your business to the cloud.

  • Blogs for Small Business

Focuses on the opportunities, benefits and how to’s of creating a successful blog to market your business.

  • Successful Online Display Advertising

Discusses techniques to advertise your business over the Internet.

  • Increasing Traffic to Your Website Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Examines techniques to increase the volume of traffic to your website from potential customers using search engines.

  • Integrating Mobile with Your Marketing Strategy

Explains how small businesses can integrate mobile with their marketing strategies to gain an edge in reaching out to and strengthening relationships with customers.



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