Have you reviewed last year’s results

Before making major changes to your current website to reflect the New Year, take a good look at your results and happenings of 2009 – how did your website fare?

analyticsHave you reviewed your annual statistics? What months did you have the most traffic? Is that typical for your audience, or are they looking for things that are most wanted in a given time period?  What is your bounce rate like?  Are people coming to your site from a search engine result only to find no relevancy to what they were looking for?  Take a deeper look at those keywords, see if there are ways you can fine tune them to fit the relevancy of your audience needs.  Have you set your goals for 2010?  What measurement tactics will you utilize to measure those goals?

If all this sounds overwhelming and you are just looking at a screen with a bunch of numbers with a foggy mind, give me a call, I would be happy to consult with you and get you on track so that in December 2010 you can look at these numbers with fresh ideas for your future and continuous growth. Call Jemma 416-451-2063


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