My top 7 awesome content strategies

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By Jemma Fong

  1. Pick out your top “frequently asked” questions your clients ask of you. Elaborate with explaining the challenge your clients face, your assessment of the situation, your possible solution and then follow it up with either a testimonial or measurement result.
  2. Take an evergreen existing blog post article and re-purpose in a different format. You can either illustrate it, video or audio prepare. Make sure to include the transcript for 100% accessibility. People have different ways to absorb things, especially if deep understanding is required to fulfill a purchase. Example facts and figures can be turned into infographics or an article teaching about a “how-to” can be re-formulated into a video or podcast.
  3. Think of your product/service offering and see how you can tie it in with something either seasonal, weather or news related that helps your client find relational cause or interest to their specific needs of engagement. In other words make sure your message is targeted at specific timelines of the buying process. (Including post purchase follow up). Example, discuss a current event of say a corporate security leak and tie in the importance for even small business and entrepreneurs and their need to protect themselves from hi-tech security breaches.
  4. Myth busting is a quick easy to comprehend lesson that aids your customers to better understanding of your product/service offering. Help them to buy wiser. Example, setting things straight, outlining where some wives tales (or beliefs) may not be as we thought and following up with hard facts and figures.
  5. Benefits, benefits, benefits. Go beyond just bullet point listing of the benefits of a particular product or service offering. Reach deep into the emotional reasoning of why a customer/client is in need… Make it easy by relating the benefit directly with the emotional aspects of the challenge the client is facing. Example: numbers and paperwork give me headache, the thought of going through my receipts is enough to drive me nuts. But if a bookkeeper wrote a blog article on the ease of which she would unload those overwhelming boxes of receipts into her capable hands, this article would peak my interest.
  6. Book/white paper/webinar industry-related reviews. People’s opinions are always a good way to position yourself as a leading expert in your field. It also is a good way to engage feedback, because others like to either agree or refute your opinion. Make sure at the end of your article that you pose a question out to the audience for instant feedback.
  7. Industry-related Trending Topics. With the help of Google Trends and Google keyword Adwords, look up some keyword phrases related to your industry, offerings or clients challenges. Make sure to review or forecast what keywords people are mostly using in your topic area. Elaborate on any of these relevant top 10 keyword phrases. Don’t forget forecasting out to see when the best time it is to be writing about that particular keyword phrase.

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