Podcasts: Tools of the Trade

Sound button for podcastsKeeping up with technology is a full time job, new developments coming in everyday. For example, the new WordPress Version 3.9 is coming out on April 16th, Facebook is changing closer to being like Twitter (with hashtag capability), and Twitter is starting to change closer to looking like Facebook (facebook cover page). So how do I keep up? Well each day I listen to podcasts and surf the tech news. When I hear something that peaks my interest I look it up right away and see how that can be of benefit to my clients and possibly my own business.

My favourite podcasts are:

Each of these speakers either share their own expertise in their industry with their audience or interview others to share their expertise. I find each one hits most aspects of my business and much of the information I can then share with my clients and fellow associates. What I like about them, they are all personable and not afraid to tell it like it is, what’s real to them, whether good times or bad, they are authentic and inspirational in their own way. I think if you are considering doing a podcast for your own business, it is important to have these qualities – authenticity, genuine kindness to share, truthful and engaging.

So what type of podcasts do you listen to? Please list them below and share with others.


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