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Well it is nice to be presented as an expert (https://kaleidoscopic.ca/expert/jemma-fong/) but truly in this day and age of the ever changing Internet, my definition of being an expert is perhaps, being able to stay one-to-two steps ahead of others, just enough to be able to explain and help others to understand. This is what my specialty is. Translating business requirements into workable strategic solutions to build your business or organization through means of technology and marketing.

What I am finding in my circle of networking and among entrepreneurs is the need to better understand how to make their website work for them. Perhaps it is a little tired (hasn’t been updated in quite awhile, if ever), perhaps it is the overwhelming fear of being hacked and feeling vulnerable to the “bad guys”, or just not quite sure of the best strategy to engage all those LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter followers. Whatever it is, it can be and is overwhelming to many.

InSite Creations services are quite varied and I was thinking the other day what is my specialty, what is my unique selling proposition? I know, funny even after being in the industry since 1995 I still question this. But it goes to show that part of the evolution of business growth is the ever changing contribution of one’s offering. To be of service in this industry one must follow, evolve and mature drastically with the exponential changes it experiences. We are continually learning as we grow and climb not only from the industry forces but from the demands and need requirements of our clients.

Lisette’s mentoring program is a great resource especially for start-ups who are embarking on bringing their vision to fruition. But I definitely see, even among ‘mature’ hacks like me, we can benefit from a service like this to help continue to position ourselves and offer the best we can.

I thank @KaleidoConsult for asking me to participate as an expert mentor and I hope I can be of valuable service to all who participate in her program. My time as an expert with Halton Small Business & Entrepreneurs @HaltonEcDev while living in Oakville was very enjoyable and I met tons of start ups who continue to build their business over the years. Here in Toronto, I too look forward, to being of service to those who come for some web and marketing tips, advice and guidance.


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